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Sculpt and shape skin with our lightweight anti-aging face cream. Use daily for a refreshed, youthful appearance. With over 20 active ingredients, this unique face cream is made with only the best ingredients to give your skin health and vitality.

Help repair prematurely aged skin and aid in the prevention of dehydrated lines. Our lightweight cream formula is easily absorbed into the skin for a naturally uplifted, youthful appearance. Over 20 active ingredients help assist in the rejuvenation process, hydrating and firming the eye area.

Your first step on the road to good looking skin! Remove impurities and surface skin oils with Fitskin & Beauty’s Cream Face Cleanser. Bursting with over 20 active ingredients, this special cleanser is made with the highest grade of ingredients to benefit the cleansing process, ensuring your skin feels fresh and squeaky clean.

Fine silica beads gently buff and exfoliate excess oil and dead skin cells for a polished appearance. Achieve glowing skin with our healing, anti-inflammatory formula created with aloe Vera and cucumber and chamomile extracts. Only the highest grade ingredients are used here, over 20 active ingredients  make up our face scrub.

  • Matrixyl 3000: anti-ageing peptide combination to combat wrinkles. Will stimulate collagen, fibronectin and Hyaluronic acid.
  • Matrixyl Synthe’6: anti-ageing peptide to combat wrinkle formation. Will stimulate collagen I, III and IV, fibronectin, laminin-5 and Hyaluronic acid.
  • Juvinity: prolongs the cell lifespan by protection against peroxidation and improves energy production, by prolonging cell life.
  • Malus domestica: apple stem cell product, which is shown to protect skin stem cells causing the ageing process to slow, resulting in reduced number of wrinkles.
  • Subliskin: anti wrinkle active that has benefits in improving moisturisation. Will also stimulate elastin and lamin-5, which are important to improve skin structure and barrier function.
  • Chromocare: A blend of extracts to reduce redness and skin tone (Melanin and Haemoglobin). Will also help increase collagen which will improve skin luminosity and structure.
  • Chronodyn: enhances cell metabolism during repairing phase by stimulating energy production.
  • Birch Sap: source of essential components required for the skin.
  • Vitamin D: formed in the skin by sunlight, heals the skin improves texture and firmness.
  • Wheat germ oil: stimulates the epidermal layer of the skin, also used as an anti-oxidant.
  • Vitamin E: anti-oxidant that protects cells from free radical damage.
  • Vitamin B3: increases ceramide and free fatty acid levels in the skin and prevents the skin from losing water.
  • Vitamin A: stimulates cell turnover and increases collagen production.
  • Seaweed extract: stimulates, revitalises, and nourishes the skin.
  • Echinacea extract: antibacterial and antiseptic that helps to shorten healing time.
  • Japanese green tea: anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic.

Apply small amount to fingertips and press into the face and neck. Gently spread and smooth over the face, forehead and neck area. Cleanse your face with Fitskin & Beauty Cream Face Cleanser before applying your Fitskin & Beauty Sculpting Face Cream.

Apply small amount (about the size of a match head) to the tip of the forefinger. Gently press around outside of the eye (top and bottom) and move towards the nose. Fitskin & Beauty Eye Lift Cream should be applied after cleansing morning and night for best results.

Apply a small amount of cleanser to the face and neck. Massage into the skin, then rinse off using tepid water. Remove residue with a clean face cloth or wet facial wipes. Before cleansing wash your hands thoroughly to remove any oil or dirt.

Use once a week but never use around the eye area. Before using product wash your hands thoroughly to remove any oil or dirt. Wet face and neck area, apply product with fingertips and make small circular movements over the entire face and neck. Splash with tepid water, remove residue with a clean face cloth or wet facial wipes. Rinse with cold water to close the pores.


Modern day living has an enormous effect on your skin with contaminants in the air around us interfering with your skin’s normal pH levels.

Generally the skin will release abnormal amounts of oil that is the skin’s defense to these pollutants. The body’s natural detoxification system can become impaired leading to acne and the release of free radicals that speed up the aging process.

When deciding on purchasing anti aging skincare choose quality products that fight the effects of the environment around you and contain cell renewal ingredients.


As part of a daily routine you should cleanse and moisturise your skin – a cleansing rinse followed by moisturiser in the morning, and more thorough cleanse at night will do (for a more in-depth evening routine, see my video). This will revitalise your skin keeping it feeling fresh and free of contaminants. Your daily routine can also include eye creams or toners. Weekly exfoliation is a must in any skincare routine to remove dead skin cells and clear away buildup. Increase frequency with a gently exfoliating face wash if needed.

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