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Cellulite Cream - Before & after
Cellulite Cream - Before & after

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200ml / 6.76fl.oz

Our revolutionary cream restores firmness to your skin while reducing the appearance of cellulite. The unique blend of high quality active ingredients fight fat cell production and helps smooth the surface of your skin.
Results can be seen as early as the second tube.

• Reduces the appearance of cellulite.
• Reduces fat cells production.
• Restores firmness to the skin.
• Smoothes the surface of the skin.
• Stimulates fibronectin, elastin and collagen to firm the skin.
• Peptides, plant extracts, vitamins and minerals.

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Fitskin & Beauty Cellulite Cream is a day & night body firming cream designed to rejuvenate the skin on multiple levels, fights cellulite, fat tissue and adipocyte (fat cells) to promote elasticity and firmness.

With over 20 active ingredients including new plant cell technology, plant extracts, peptides, vitamins, minerals and essential oils this unique firming cream is made with only the best ingredients.

The active components of this formulation are a combination of ingredients chosen to work synergistically to fight fat accumulation. Each ingredient was carefully selected to work in combination to provide a powerful anti-cellulite product.

  • Glaucium Flavum Leaf Extract: Plant extract unbinds fat cells from the extracellular matrix and stimulated an anti-inflammatory response.
  • Glaucine: Diminishes the appearance of cellulite and enhances skin firmness.
  • Caffeine: Stimulate lipolysis reducing fat storage and providing a slimming effect on the applied area at the same time strengthening the skin barrier.
  • Euglena Gracilis Extract: Enhances cell metabolism during repairing phase by stimulating energy production.
  • Globularla Cordifolia Extract: – Antioxidant that protects against oxidative stress and stimulates glutathione.
  • Zingiber Zerumbet Extract: Protects the skin from inflammation.
  • Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-12: Messenger peptide designed to simulated elastin synthesis for firmer looking skin.
  • Palmitoyl tripeptide-38: Anti-ageing peptide stimulate collagen I, III and IV, fibronectin, laminin-5 and Hyaluronic acid.
  • Vitamins E: Added to protect the cells from free radical damage.
  • Vitamin B5: A high level moisturizer, repairs, soothes and heals the skin.
  • Seaweed Extracts: Stimulates, revitalizes and nourishes the skin.
  • Niacinamide: Also provides anti-inflammatory activity, stimulates collagen synthesis, increases ceramide and free fatty acid levels in the skin.
  • Echinacea Extract: Antibacterial and antiseptic that helps to shorten healing time in the skin.
  • Green Tea Extract: Anti-oxidant and also anti-inflammatory.
  • Vitamin A: Palmitate that stimulates cell turnover and increases collagen production.

Apply Fitskin & Beauty Cellulite Cream to fingertips, massage over the affected area for approximately 30 seconds.
Initially used twice a day (mornings after shower & evenings before going to bed), until results are achieved.
Once results have been achieved, use once a day to maintain desired look.


I tried a number of cellulite creams that did not work, but Fitskin & Beauty Cellulite Cream is amazing!
I know some people embrace their cellulite and that’s a personal choice, but for me I just want smooth skin without the bumps and I finally found a cream that works these are my results only after 4 weeks using Fitskin.

Cellulite Cream - Before & after

My results using the Cellulite Cream have been unbelievable over the first 8 weeks.
I did not change my life style while using the cream so the results are amazing. My legs have smoothed and the fat dimples have diminished substantially.
I followed the instruction using the cream twice a day morning and night I now use the cream each night to maintain my results. I highly recommend Fitskin & Beauty Cellulite Cream if you want smooth legs!

Cellulite Cream - Before & after

I can honestly say that this cream is the leader in the industry. The results speak for themselves!
I've worked in the beauty industry for the last 16 years between Australia and the U.K. I have been trained and worked with many different products in my time.
The Fitskin & Beauty Cellulite Cream not only helps to smooth and tighten the skin but also improves the skins texture.


This stuff is liquid gold!
If you want results Fitskin is what you need!

I had reservations about trying another cellulite cream. However, I gave Fitskin a go and WOW! After 4 weeks of using the product I noticed the improvement in my cellulite on my thighs. After 12 weeks, what can I say... goodbye cellulite!


Absolutely couldn't thank Fitskin Cellulite Cream enough!
I've tried several amount of creams that never really worked, and I've always been so self conscious of my cellulite, after a few months of using it morning and night, the difference is amazing. Couldn't recommend them enough.

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